What are the methods for removing papillomas?

For most people, papillomas are just a cosmetic defect. And few suspect that epithelial growths tend to transform into a malignant tumor, thus causing cancer. It is imperative to get rid of them, but at the same time you must take into account the reason why they appear. Most often, these are signs of too weakened immunity. Accordingly, if this factor is not eliminated in the future, then papillomas will reappear again and again. What causes papillomas and how to deal with them? What do doctors say about this? How to remove papillomas yourself at home and can you do it at all?

Why do papillomas appear?

Thus, papillomas are epithelial neoplasms caused by the activity of the human papillomavirus (HPV). To date, about 100 strains of HPV have been registered in medicine. They provoke the appearance not only of papillomas, but also of warts, warts. Their etiology is similar, but they occur due to the activity of different strains of the virus.

How deep do papillomas "grow"? Most often, they affect only the upper and middle layers of the skin, and also affect the capillary network. To be more precise, growth grows to the vessels, receiving from the blood the nutrients needed for reproduction. Accordingly, simply "cutting out" the visible part of the papilloma will not be enough to get rid of it forever. This will only worsen the patient's condition and in some cases can lead to the development of skin cancer.

It is also worth bearing in mind that papillomas can also occur inside a person. Most often this applies to the oral mucosa and the organs of the reproductive system. For example, HPV type 16 quite often provokes the appearance of genital warts in the cervical region. And if detected in time, the woman develops cancer.

How Doctors Suggest Papilloma Removal

How to get rid of papillomas on the body? Today, medicine offers several ways:

  1. Cut with a scalpel. At the same time, the doctor makes a local anesthetic, then cuts out the damaged area of skin, along with the soft tissues where the papilloma has "grown".
  2. Cryogenic freezing. The papilloma is exposed to liquid nitrogen, which leads to its atrophy. After a few weeks, the tumor is rejected independently of the body.
  3. Laser removal. This means getting rid of papillomas by thermal exposure to them. It is less traumatic than surgical removal.
  4. Formic acid treatment. In fact, it is the cauterization of papillomas. Suitable only for small lesions.
  5. Eliminate radio waves. A gentle method that is in no way inferior to laser in efficiency, but works in a similar way.

Papilloma removal is performed only in a hospital (clinic) by a surgeon, followed by biopsy and sending the neoplasm for histological examination. The latter is done to establish exactly that the removed papilloma has not transformed into a malignant tumor.

Should I remove papillomas on my body? Ultimately, the same moles are eliminated only in cases where there is a risk of mechanical damage. But with papillomas the situation is a little different. By themselves, they will not disappear, but will affect only most of the epithelium. And so it will be until the patient's immune system is normalized and at the same time all tumors are removed, because they are a source of viral infection.

Is it painful to remove papillomas with the above methods? The doctor always gives a local anesthetic before the procedure. After the operation, all painful sensations literally disappear within a few hours. The only exceptions are those cases when huge papillomas are removed by the section method. Even postoperative scars can remain in place (but no sutures are needed).

Pharmacology in the treatment of papillomatosis

How to get rid of papilloma without surgery? Do such methods exist at all and are doctors allowed to use them? How to remove papilloma yourself at home? The means for this do exist, but they are quite aggressive. One of the most common drugs in this group is a special pencil. It is based on silver ions, which penetrate the upper and middle layer of the skin and have an antiviral effect (locally). In fact, the removal of the papilloma in this case is due to the chemical destruction of the neoplasm.

Freezing pencils (sold in pharmacies) are similar in effect. Dermatologists recognize such methods of removing papillomas, but medical supervision in this case is mandatory. That is, before using the product, you should definitely consult a doctor and then visit him at least once a week to monitor the patient's condition and conduct an examination.

Is it dangerous to remove papillomas yourself? If you strictly follow the doctor's recommendations, this does not pose a danger to the patient. The main thing when using the same pencils is to apply the product strictly on the affected part of the skin. If even a small part falls on a healthy one, it is also subsequently rejected.

But it is not always possible to cauterize papillomas with such methods. If their size is too large, then pharmacology is powerless here. The doctor then prescribes surgical removal of the papilloma on the body, followed by the application of immunomodulators.

Is it possible to remove papillomas on my own without visiting a doctor? This is highly discouraged, as it is impossible to accurately diagnose HPV without testing. Accordingly, the patient can only harm himself.

How to prevent recurrence

The main problem with HPV infection is that papillomas will reappear in the future, even after they have been removed. The reason for this is a virus that stays in the body forever after an infection. The papilloma virus can be in the blood for a lifetime, but it will only show up when the immune system is weakened. Accordingly, to prevent this, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system in every possible way, to eliminate other chronic diseases and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is best to consult a virologist and immunologist on this issue.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Papillomas Forever By Simply Strengthening Your Immunity? Small formations that do not affect the capillaries can actually atrophy and then be rejected by the body. In any case, large ones will have to be deleted. Doctors do not make predictions on this indicator, as each organism responds to such therapy in a purely individual way.

Alternative medicine against papillomas

removal of papilloma with the juice of the herb celandine

How to remove papillomas with the help of traditional medicine? The simplest and at the same time effective remedy is fresh celandine juice. It works by analogy with lapis lazuli, ie it penetrates into the deep pores of the skin and destroys the virus itself, provoking the destruction and subsequent removal of the papilloma. Burdock oil gives a similar effect, but is used with extreme caution - it can provoke allergies.

You can also cauterize papillomas with brilliant green, but this method only works against small tumors. And it makes no sense to use against plantar warts.

How else to remove papillomas from the body at home? Healers recommend the use of:

  • potato juice;
  • honey combined with celandine (in equal proportions);
  • tincture of walnuts on kerosene (1 to 10);
  • egg white;
  • pine sawdust.

You should not use "folk" methods for papillomas that are located on the mucous membrane (in the genital area, lips, nose). In the best case, only burns will remain, in the worst case, ulcers will appear. And before you try to remove papillomas yourself, you should consult a dermatologist.

Can papillomas be cauterized by fire? This method is often recommended in thematic forums. It is also strictly forbidden! Especially if the neoplasm is not symmetrical. It is quite possible that this is already a cancerous tumor. And moxibustion will only accelerate its growth.

What is the preferred method of treatment

removal of the papilloma by cryodestruction

What is the best way to remove papillomas? The most traumatic method is a section, ie surgical removal with a scalpel. After it, a noticeable scar remains and quite often the skin in these places is scarred.

It is better to remove facial papillomas with a laser, but only if the doctor gives permission for it. In this case, the neoplasm is removed in layers. Accordingly, the doctor will remove only the damaged tissue without affecting the healthy ones. The burn itself disappears after about 2-9 months (depending on the size and depth).

What is the best way to remove papillomas in the intimate area? Most often a laser or an electric knife is used there (depending on the type of neoplasm). In some cases, a scalpel is used if there is a suspicion of transformation of the papilloma into a tumor.

In cosmetology, most often the removal of papillomas is performed with the same laser or radio wave therapy. But experts recommend contacting specialized centers - they have the necessary equipment for histological analysis.

surgical removal of the papilloma on the body

But the final decision on how to properly remove the papilloma is made exclusively by the attending physician. And you should not give up the prescribed treatment - sooner or later you will have to get rid of the tumor.

So, is it necessary to remove papillomas? Mandatory, as they are a source of infection.

How to remove papillomas on the body? It is best to entrust the choice of method to a doctor. Removal with an electric knife (for papillomas of the "leg") and a laser will be preferable.

How to get rid of papillomas once and for all? In addition to removing them, it will be necessary to restore the functioning of the immune system, and then - to make the healing of the whole organism.

The main thing is not to delay a visit to the doctor and start treatment as early as possible. In the early stages of HPV, the disease recedes fairly quickly. In the later stages, complex treatment is needed. And most often this involves taking immunomodulators in combination with antiviral drugs. And they are quite expensive and the course of treatment will take several months.